Kraken - Exil
Audiosiege sophomores Kraken are the first band so far to have a second release for ASM, and it is another solid work. "Exil" is the followup EP in which the band are not just taking over from where last year's "Exalt" left off, but it also finds them exploring deeper into their own subsconscious - and bringing us along for the ride. There is a driven emotional charge that is carried across these songs, which pulls the riffs and pieces together into a seemlessly flowing river of sound. This is yet another masterfully crafted release of post metal groove from this Montreal band.
Autarch - Autarch
Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Autarch impressed Audiosiege and Moshpit Tragedy enough with their tight, dynamic songwriting that we chose to release it digitally. The four songs on this EP each contain their own varied structures, twisting and turning on a down-tuned path to set a stunning example of modern atmospheric hardcore. Autarch has blissfully mastered dynamics, and these four tracks should repeatedly find their way to your ears.
Masakari - Fight Back
Ever since the release of the "Discharged" 7" by Allied records, it's been obvious that the songs of Discharge lend themselves to excellent covers, their giant 30-year-plus influence on punk, hardcore, and metal widely felt and heard. Masakari recently surprised Audiosiege with a raging set of covers in a folder of songs intended for mastering. Giving the classic "Fight Back" EP a reboot in 2012, Masakari adds their signature sound with ferocious instrumentation and production.
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Make It Through The Night
Portland punk veterans P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. are the busiest band I know, with bassist Kelly Haliburton managing to add to his impressive resume by somehow figuring out a way to add hours to the day and keep the new recordings coming. This full length is pure punk rock at its finest, played with an energy and devotion that proves a deep rooted passion for the music. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. play with an honest proclamation of identity stating "this is who we are", rather than "this is what we want be". The download of "Make It Through The Night" also includes the first two singles as a bonus.
Negative Reinforcement - Dog
Seven songs, one movement, and a single concept. Australia's Negative Reinforcement unleash a wickedly skitzophrenic barrage of dynamics from start to finish in this sophomoric batch of tunes. Beginning in a frenzy, and slowly falling into a settled groove, these seven tracks focus lyrically around the cycles of mental illness. The cacophony that surrounds the words fits perfectly, and after the 15 minutes of rage one cannot help but feel completely moved. Mixed at Audiosiege, and mastered at Enormous Door.
Seas Will Rise - Disease Is Our Refrain
Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Seas Will Rise finally unload their debut full-length, a heavy mass of post-apocalyptic sonic images in 12 songs of desert fueled down-tuned hardcore. From short blasts of pace-changing rage to dirgy visionary gloom, this long-player is over before you know it, but not before sending you into the same desolating nightmares the lyrics and music encapsulate. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat... repeat... repeat... repeat. Recorded and mixed by Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan Butler, mastered at Audiosiege.
Iron Cages - Demo
The Midwest seems to be heating up these days, and if it's any sign of the apocalypse then Iron Cages are the Four Horsemen, scorching the cold Winter landscape at full volume. A solid recording and songs that are only 4 months old make this release sort of a musical anomally- one with fully matured songwriting style, well thought-out structures, and impeccably timed transitions. With their plodding riffs and dissonant twin guitars, Iron Cages have amazed and surprised many in their short existence, and Audiosiege Media is excited to provide this release for download.
Kraken - Exalt
Many bands choose to default to the extreme- playing faster to fastest, or staying on the extreme lower depths in the beats-per-minute category. Yet a band that finds the groove in the middle and sticks to it, exploring every area of melody, dissonance, and structure in the center tempos, will almost always manage to find their way onto my stereo. Quebec's Kraken has perfected this groove, mastering dynamics while the clarity of their songwriting and production peaks out from behind a massive wall of sound. An atmospheric hardcore masterpiece. CD out on D7i Records.
Dead Yet? - Dissent The End
The Southeastern US has enjoyed a steady, deep-rooted punk scene since the early 80's, and Dead Yet? follows in the footsteps of bands like Anti Schism and early Corrosion Of Conformity, their own gruff Southern melodies lying beneath a mossy shade of gritty hardcore punk. A flawlessly balanced recording, well crafted songs, meticulously placed transitions, and smart lyrics make this collection of tracks one to note for sure, and this release also includes 3 live songs as a bonus. Download the album, grab the lyric sheet, and sing along!
Sarabante - Remnants
Hailing from Athens Greece, the five members of Sarabante harness an array of moods on this 11 song LP. Displaying their uncanny ability at songwriting with properly placed tempo changes, perfect sequencing, and huge, tuned down guitar sound, Sarabante execute a moodiness among melody- one able to evoke a passion from the listener equal to the inspiration behind the songwriting. Audiosiege Media is proud to have mastered this LP of dark modern hardcore, and to release it in digital format. CD out on Southern Lord, vinyl from the band.
Death Machine - Death Machine
Members of Ripper, Warcry, and Bi-Marks combine to summon a perfect storm of Swedish Hardcore and NWOBHM riffage, making this blistering release one of the most solid volumes to emerge from Portland in years. Unleashing a barrage of crisp guitar melodies backed by a dark wall of rhythm, Death Machine employ with precision twin guitar fretwork reminiscent not only of Puke's "Back To The Stone Age", but the Smith/Murray attack of Iron Maiden. Recorded and mixed by Stan Wright at Buzz Or Howl and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

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